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Eat Good, Do Good

Staying the People’s Choice for the most winningest Vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Tampa Bay is no

easy task but we really love it. Now, it does take a lot of dedication, teamwork, hard work and some

tears, but it is what we were meant to do! Keeping on top of it is a goal we aim to achieve each year.


We are always creating new recipes and we enjoy re-creating the ones you have grown up loving. We

set no boundaries when it comes to those creations, and we love it when our customers come at us with

a new challenge to take on. And you can trust, that we will always use the highest quality ingredients as

we continue to bring you the best food in Central Florida. We truly believe that the best tasting vegan

food is made with care, and we strive to make sure you not only taste, but also feel that care, in each


We define ourselves by what we stand for. Freedom for all to choose. The Green Table is a place where

vegans and vegetarians, flexitarians, omnivores and meat eaters can all gather to share in a great meal

and great conversation. Our customers become family and where there is family, there is love!

Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Every Bite Has an Impact

on your health and on your community.


Compostable-only products

Our products can be broken down into compost, a valuable fertilizer that enriches plants and soil. This helps reduce a large portion of plastic pollution by driving it away from waterways and landfills.


Reduce carbon footprint

Vegan food is sustainable. It requires less amounts of natural resources, like fresh water and land, and produces significantly less waste, including greenhouse gases that have a significant impact on climate change.

Clean, Non-genetically-modified


We import our products from Europe in order to ensure all of our meals are clean. We always offer soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO choices.

Save Lives


Food is medicine. Treat your body to the vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, fibers, health, and longevity it deserves.

It's in the ingredients...

From our award-winning restaurant to your family kitchen, we present our Kitchen Whichery Shop. Recreate some of your favorite dishes or discover your own recipe using our uniquely crafted plant-based meat alternatives and delicious sauces.

Check out our shop and start creating your

own majik.

Friends preparing vegan food Kitchen Whichery Shop
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