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Why us?

The incredible enthusiasm behind the sales of plant-based foods has created tremendous opportunities within a fast-growing $3 billion dollar industry. Those numbers tell the story that this is no longer a niche. There is a wide and diverse consumer base that is adopting plant-based proteins into their diet, even those that don’t identify as vegan or vegetarian. A revolution is slowly taking place…


Plant-based foods are mainstream, and The Green Table Restaurant is offering its award winning flavors to the right franchise partners. As a People's Choice favorite year after year, The Green Table Restaurant is thriving in the emerging fast casual restaurant space.


We offer:


  • A hand crafted menu backed by our award-winning chef.

  • Unflinching support from The Green Table Team.

  • A clean and welcoming interior design aesthetic.

  • Potential to invest in a popular and delicious vegan brand.


Owning a Vegan restaurant is an active step in corporate social responsibility. By nature, the use of only plant-based products and compostable materials reduces our carbon footprint as green entrepreneurs.


Join us on our journey forward. Join The Green Table Restaurant as a franchisee and join a movement.

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